SACOSAN Country Delegations

The seventh SACOSAN conference will be held in Islamabad- Pakistan. The event will be attended by country delegates form Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, India, Pakistan and Srilanka. Based on the previous trends the following composition of participants in proposed. The secretariat has suggested the following number of participants for each country which can be further discussed and finalized in next VC.

  1. Afghanistan- 30
  2. Bangladesh- 60
  3. Bhutan -20
  4. Maldives- 20
  5. Nepal- 50
  6. India-75
  7. Srilanka-45

Total 300 participants will attend this conference as a country delegates from seven countries mentioned above. The list of host country delegates will be shared latter on. Along with this high level dignitaries from UN, SWA, WHO , World Bank, SAARC, Global representatives of INGO , Global Experts on water, sanitation and hygiene will also be invited. Almost 365 international participants and 150 host country participants will be invited to attend the event.

ASector Minister/ Information Minister 
BElected Officials 
CGovernment Officials  (National/Provincial) 
 High level representation from sector specific department, Planning department, Finance department, Local Government, Health and Education 
DResearch and Academia 
ECivil Society Organizations  
FCommunity Members  (Marginalized Group) 
GPrivate Sector